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Ministry Partners Online: Affiliate Program

Affiliate Overview

Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should participate

As a Ministry Partner, you can offer your website visitors access to the incredible selection at Hidden Treasures. And every time your visitors follow a link from your Web site to Hidden Treasures and completes a qualifying purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

How will it help our church / Organization and people?

The Ministry Partners Online Affiliate Program offers many benefits to church/organization websites including opportunities to generate revenue via their site, a wide range of relevant products to promote from Hidden Treasures's huge selection, easy to create the customized links, an association with Hidden Treasures, and the chance to interact with a broad community of others using Hidden Treasures.

I'm an author/artist. Can my Web site be a Ministry Partner?

Yes! What better way to get more copies of your product in people’s hands than by linking your site directly to Hidden Treasures? Sign up online and you can start selling today!

How does it work?

Once enrolled, you place promotional links to us on your Web site. We'll then pay you up to 7% on all qualifying sales you refer to Hidden Treasures on a quarterly basis.

What do we earn?

Earn up to 7% of the New Selling Price of the products shipped. Our Affiliate program offers generous referral fees on an enormous and diverse collection of resources, including bestselling books, DVD favorites, music, gifts, PC & Video games and more. Most resources include a referral fee of 7% of the selling price of the resource. Earn up to 3% on some specialty and hard-to-find resources like Christian textbooks, hymnals, and other specialty items. There are a limited number of resources with no commission, but still available with easy access and convenient 24 hour shipment.

How much will I be paid?

We will pay you a 7% fee based on the Net Selling Price of the Product(s) shipped on an order received from your Site for qualifying products, including but not limited to books, DVD, music, gifts, PC & Video games, some specialty products will earn up to 3% like textbooks, hymnals, etc., some products do not qualify. (For more details, see our affiliate agreement).

What does it cost?

Nothing! It's absolutely free to join the Hidden Treasures Ministry Partners Online Affiliate Program. Once you are approved, you can get started right away and you are free to cancel at any time.

How do I get started?

Anyone may submit an application, and we review each and every potential Ministry Partner website before accepting it into the network. We do reserve the right to refuse a site if it contains objectionable material. You can sign up for the Hidden Treasures Ministry Partner Online Program now! Just click here.